The beach

It is summer, a foreign country and you and I meet each other at a nightclub. We immediately connect. Eye-contact and flirting quickly become something more, and hot dancing and "innocent" touching continues during while the hours passes by. We decide to leave the club and spend some sexy quality time together. It is late but the temperature outside is warmer than ever, so we go down to the beach to cool ourselves down.

Before I manage to think, your t-shirt is already in the sand and your tanned, sexy, muscular, hot and sweat upper body is pointing straight at me. I loose my breath for a second while a thousand thoughts are running through my mind. I can't believe what I see, and I can't believe what I am about to be a part off! You come closer and closer, and I can smell the wonderful taste of "man" from where I'm standing. It makes me crazy and I want to jump straight at you, but that would probably ruin the moment. My pulse is getting higher the closer you get, and soon you're just centimetres from my slim and tight body. You look at me, I look at you, we both know what we want and we both know that it is going to happen very, very soon.

You take your arms around me and even though I don't know you very well, I feel so safe. Our lips are about to meet. We're getting closer and closer and... There! The most passionate kiss ever. You're so gently and your lips are so soft. I can't get enough of you! My hands are in your hair and the back of your neck, but they are now about to move further and further down.

You starting to laugh a bit because you know what I want, and it is obvious that you want the same. You kiss my lips one last time before you move to my cheek. Little kisses continue to my neck and shoulders while you open the strings on my back so my top can fall slowly off. I’m not wearing a bra tonight, so my firm breasts soon come to your attention. You look at them, look at me, and smile the most beautiful white smile I've ever seen, before you kiss me again.

Even though I'm in heaven and could stand like this forever, I'm getting a bit restless so my hands slowly move down in the back of your pants. I'm now having the tightest and most sexy butt in my hands and it turns me on even more, if possible. It's obvious that you like it, 'cause you hold me harder than ever and make the cutest little sound.

Your hands are sliding down my back, up again, and in front. You touch my breasts and make my nipples hard, and you can hear my breathing is getting heavier and heavier. Your hands slides down my stomach, down to my pants, and you begin to open up my jeans. You can't even wait to get it off before your hands are on the inside of my underwear. From the first time I saw you I knew that I wanted to leave the club with you, and the thought of that the rest of the evening have make my pussy and my panties extremely wet.

Your kissing is getting more and more intense, and I can't do anything else than just love it! My jeans fall off and so do yours. Our underwear quickly follows. I felt your growing penis earlier, but the sight that hits me now make me want to smile even more. It looks a lot bigger than it felt and it's already standing for my attention. This evening is just getting better and better! Suddenly, your strong arms lift me up and your blue eyes look into mine, before you put me down on your hard penis.

Everything happened so quickly, I didn't quite knew what to do else than moan. This is soooo goooood! You lift me up and down, up and down and around in sircles, and all the time it feels like I am about to come. You can see it in my eyes and my movements that I'm enjoying it. Probably a bit too much too soon, so you stop for a little while. It would be sad if it ended so quickly.

Our fast rhythm has made us even hotter, so you slowly walk down to the sea with me still on you. Every single step you take is one small step closer to our orgasms. Out in the water we continue. You lift me up and down while I ride your hard, gigantic cock. I can honestly say that I have never done anything that is more amazing than this. I have the sweetest and most wonderful guy inside me, it is getting early in the morning and we will soon experience the sunrise together, and the waves around us makes the whole setting extremely sexy!We go on and on and on, and I never want this moment to end!