Terms and Conditions

Here you will find our terms and conditions, which are important information for you as a customer.

Here you will find our terms and conditions, which are important information for you as a customer.

1. In general

When you shop at www.kondomeriet.no, the terms of purchase, together with your order, are the basis for the purchase agreement you agree upon with us. We deliver to all postal codes in Norway, including Jan Mayen and Svalbard (see item 13.). 

Seller is:
Kondomeriet AS, PO Box 400, 1411 Kolbotn
phone 66 81 21 00
Organization number: 943 161 518MVA

- and will further in the terms be the same as "we" and "us".

Buyer is:
The person who completes the order and will be the same as you, you, yours or your further terms.

2. Security

All personal information stored with us in connection with your order is kept confidential from our site. They are not resold to a third party or used in any form of marketing afterward.

The employees of Kondomeriet AS have a duty of confidentiality; even after the end of the working relationship.

We do not resell returned products, so you can be absolutely sure that the product you receive has not been tested/used. All the products we sell can be used in Norway.

Secure pages

Our sites use SSL security certificate issued by BuyPass, which ensures that our websites are encrypted so that your personal information is protected throughout the entire shopping process.

3. Operating Instructions

Products that require instructions will have this included. If you have any questions regarding user instructions, please contact customer service on tel. 66812102 between 09:00-15:00, or send an email to kundeservice@kondomeriet.no.

4. Registration and ordering

To shop in our online store you can register with a user account, or shop as a guest.

To confirm your order, please check that you are over 18 years of age and that you have read and accepted the terms of purchase. In order for your package to be shipped as soon as possible, orders are sent in for packing continuously. Therefore, please note that your order cannot be changed or canceled after confirming your purchase. This applies to both the order content (goods) and contact information (address, telephone).

Once your order has been processed, you will automatically receive an order confirmation from us at the email address you registered in the order. Therefore, be sure to enter the correct email address.

5. Payment

In our online store, you can choose whether you want to pay by card, invoice, or Vipps. We accept Visa and MasterCard. In case of card payment, you are directed to a secure page with our payment provider Nets. Here you must log in via BankID or 3D Secure, as part of the security routine for card payment online.

Online Payment

Paying by card in our online store is both safe and easy. You select the payment option at checkout and you will be directed to a secure page with our payment provider Nets. Here you have to log in with Bank ID or 3D Secure. Here you can enter the card number, expiry date on your card and your CVC / CVV code. The payment information is sent encrypted so that no one will see your information through the payment process.

When you place an order with us and pay by card, an authorization is made on your bank card. This means that we check that the card is genuine, whether there is coverage on it, and no e-commerce block has been placed or because the card has been stolen/lost. This is a security for you, in case the card should be misused by others. We then make a reservation: The amount you trade for is first reserved, and then deducted when the package is shipped from us. This means that the money is still in your account, but they cannot be touched by anyone other than Kondomeriet as long as the order exists.

When paying by card you only pay KR. 99, - in postage for a service package, and KR. 59, - for letter mail.

We accept credit and debit cards from Visa and Mastercard, with the exception of Visa Electron. We do not accept PayGo.


In order to pay with Vipps, you must have the Vipps app installed on your smartphone. Read more about how to get Vipps today:

Here's how to trade with Vipps:

  1. Add items to the cart as normal.
  2. Proceed to checkout.
  3. Choose Vipps as your payment solution.
  4. Click Confirm Order. A tilt alert will immediately appear on your phone (remember to allow notification from the app in your phone setting) with the message "Kondomeriet is asking for $ xxx".
  5. Open the message and press Pay and flip, then the free transfer (no matter the amount) is done.


We offer invoice in collaboration with Klarna. The payment deadline is 14 days. In order to pay by invoice, you must have reached the age of 18, be registered in Norway and be approved in the credit assessment carried out at the time of purchase. Fee NOK 49, - will be added.

When you choose to pay with Klarna invoice you must enter your social security number and mobile number. It is used to retrieve your people registered address. The goods cannot be shipped to another address. This is to prevent scams. If you do not accept the retrieved address, you must pay by card. We do not store the social security number in our systems.

An invoice will be emailed to you when we ship the goods. In case of late payment, payment reminder and / or debt collection notice will be sent, and statutory fees may apply. If payment still fails, the invoice will be sent to debt collection and additional costs will be incurred. In case of late payment, statutory delay interest is calculated.

Why choose Klarna?

  • It's a simple and secure solution that does not involve sharing your card information.
  • Shop by simply entering your social security number and mobile number.
  • You get the ability to see the item before paying.
  • Shop easily, safely and quickly online.

All questions regarding your invoice must be addressed directly to Klarna.

6. Age Limit

Online store

In the online store there is an 18 year age limit for shopping on kondomeriet.no. This is partly because the age limit for films is 18 years, and because we cannot put unauthorized persons into debt under Norwegian law (we have a penalty fee of 250, - for uncollected packages). Therefore, when you shop with us, you may be asked to provide identification when picking up the package.

In our stores

There is no lower age limit for buying sex toys under Norwegian law. However, we at Kondomeriet believes that the person who acts should be mature enough to know his own body and take responsibility for his actions. If we think you are too young to have a sex toy, we will advise you not to buy one. NB: There is a statutory 18 year age limit for erotic movies.

7. False orders and erroneous cancellations

We note that scams, identity theft, customs orders and harassment will be reported to the police. It is not allowed to order goods and send the parcel to recipients other than themselves unless this is cleared by the other party.

Nor is it allowed to cancel an order on behalf of others, unless this is done by the person who created the order.

8. Complaints and orgasm guarantee


If the item you received has a defect, you must notify us of the defect within 2 months of the defect is discovered or should have been discovered. The absolute deadline for notifying whether errors or deficiencies have occurred is 2 years from the item is received. Contact customer service on tel. 66 81 21 02 between 09: 00-15: 00, or send an email to kundeservice@kondomeriet.no.

In case of a complaint, we will ask you to send the product back to us so that we can look at it. If the right of claim is valid, you will receive a similar or similarly functioning product. You will also have your port expenses covered.

We do not have the right to make more than two remedial attempts for the same defect unless there are special reasons that make further remedies reasonable. After this, you have the right to cancel the purchase and get refunded for the item, including shipping and other costs. The refund must be made within 14 days.

Please note that complaints do not apply to misuse or defaults on the part of the customer.

Orgasm Warranty

Kondomeriet wants our customers to be satisfied with the product they have bought from us and has therefore introduced an orgasm guarantee. We have a wide range of sex toys, which are constantly expanding. At the same time, we are constantly working to maintain a high level of knowledge among our retailers so that we can help our customers choose the right product. Read more about the orgasm guarantee here.

When you use the orgasm guarantee, we want you to return to the store where you purchased the product, or to contact our Customer Service. If you wish to return the product, the deadline is 30 days after the date you received the product. You must cover the postage yourself in these cases.

The item is shipped in its original packaging, or in a blank plastic bag, along with information about why you were not happy with the item. In that way, we can help you pick out another product that you will enjoy.

Returned to:
Best på nett
PO Box 400
1411 Kolbotn

Note on package: "Warranty"

9. Undo/regret

According to Norwegian law, all our online customers have a 14 day cancellation period from the day they receive the product. You have 14 days to notify you of repentance and another 14 days to return the goods. A cancellation form is included in the email with the order confirmation you receive from us. Return the product along with the form to us as soon as possible, and within 14 days from you notified. You will get back the cost of the product, but you will have to take the cost of the return shipping yourself.

If the item does not meet expectations, the right of withdrawal can be used within 14 days even if the item is used or the seal is broken. When used goods are returned, a valuation of the goods will be made, and the Customer will be reimbursed the purchase price less the value reduction (cf. Section 25, third paragraph, of the Right of Repeal Act). Return costs are borne by the consumer (cf. Section 24, first paragraph, of the Right to Repeal Act). Upon return, the money will be refunded within 14 days of the return received.

We do not resell returned products, so you can be absolutely sure that the product you receive has not been tested/used.

Returned to:
Best på nett
PO Box 400
1411 Kolbotn

Do not send the product by mail order or as a recorded delivery back to us. Packages sent like this are not retrieved.

If you have questions about the right of withdrawal and use of this, contact customer service on tel. 66 81 21 02 between 09: 00-15: 00, or send an email to kundeservice@kondomeriet.no.

10. Delivery

Errors or omissions

If you discover any errors or omissions on one or more items in relation to your order confirmation, please contact us as soon as you discover the error. Call customer service on tel. 66 81 21 02 (09-15), or send an email to kundeservice@kondomeriet.no, and of course we will correct the error-free of charge- as soon as possible.

Item damaged during transport

The mail is good to stop and return visibly damaged packages back to us. If you still notice that the product and its packaging have been damaged during transport, contact customer service on tel. 66 81 21 02 (09-15) or send an email to kundeservice@kondomeriet.no and we will help you with the return and replacement of the item.

Uncollected packages

If you order products from us and do not pick up your package without informing us, you will be charged a fee of NOK 250, -.

Package Tracking

All parcels sent from us are marked with a tracking number so that you can find out where the parcel is in Norway Post's systems.

Service package (available at Posten)

The mail will notify you by email and SMS (if you have registered mobile number when ordering) when the parcel is on its way.

Small package (package in the mailbox)

The mail will send you an email and SMS notification (if you have registered mobile number when ordering) when the parcel is delivered to your mailbox.

Important: SMS notification is offered instead of a paper pickup.

2-5 days delivery time

Norway Post normally spends 2-5 business days (Mon-Fri) delivering the parcel from it to our external warehouse. In high seasons such as Christmas and summer, you need to calculate a few more days beyond this. Normally, the deadline is for packages to be delivered by Christmas Eve on December 16th. See www.posten.no for more information.

If we do not deliver the order on time in accordance with section 6 of the Consumer Purchase Act, you can encourage us to deliver within a reasonable additional deadline for fulfillment. If we do not deliver within this additional deadline, you can cancel the purchase.

Refunds on canceled purchases due to delayed delivery must be made within 14 days.

NB: If an item is sold out or is sold out before your order is processed, we reserve the right to cancel this item (s) from the order. We do not ship items that are sold out.

11. Shipping/shipping costs

The postage will be added to the total of the package you ordered and you will not receive any additional costs beyond that.

  • Package in the mailbox: NOK 59, -
  • The package can be picked up at the post: NOK 99, -

12. Rates

All our prices at Kondomeriet.no are including value-added tax (VAT). There are no handling fees.

Kondomeriet reserves the right to change prices due to currency changes and price increases in the market. As well as incorrect pricing and technical errors

13. Sales to Jan Mayen / Svalbard

When selling direct delivery to Jan Mayen / Svalbard, follow these points:

You as a customer, after ordering, send an e-mail to: kundeservice@kondomeriet.no and state that you want VAT (VAT) returned.
Value-added tax is reversed on your Visa / Mastercard used on purchase.
The order number must be included. Customs form RD-0032 is not required.

14. Force Major

Should force majeure occur, Kondomeriets' obligations will cease. If the period lasts longer than 2 months, you as well as we have the right to terminate the agreement without there being any requirement in this case to pay compensation.

By force majeure, we mean among other things: strikes, lock-outs, transport delays, import/export bans, wars, natural disasters, fire, etc .; regardless of whether this occurs at the company or at the company's supplier.

15. Laws

Kondomeriet follows guidelines provided by Norwegian law. Any disputes shall be settled in accordance with Norwegian law. At Lovdata and Forbrukerrådet you can read more about the Consumer Purchase Act, the Purchase Act or the Undoing Act if you want more information about this.

If an amicable solution is not reached after mediation in the Consumer Council, the parties may request in writing that the Consumer Council promotes the dispute before the Consumer Disputes Committee. Kondomeriet will follow the decision of the Consumer Disputes Committee.